Modifying tradition

I really like making free-form, improvisational quilts and blocks, and I love some of the modern quilts I see on Flickr and in blogland. But I have to admit, I was drawn to quilting for the symmetry, the geometry, and the precision, and part of me will always yearn for that. Then again, I’m torn, because I love non-traditional treatments of traditional forms…what’s a girl to do? Naturally, I felt I had found kindred spirits when I stumbled across this site a week or two ago:Seriously, if you understand what I said in that last paragraph, click on that image! You can thank me later.


8 thoughts on “Modifying tradition

  1. Looks like a great place to visit. I like the modern look of quilts I find on so many sites, but I can't ignore the beauty and history of the traditional blocks. I'll be back to that site often to see how she blends the two. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Wonderful! I've been thinking hard on my block choice and just mentioned to a local friend that I wanted to do a traditional block with a modern twist. I think I'm getting a thing for pinwheels!

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