Pieceful times

I mentioned yesterday that I’m trying to find the Peace in the Season, and to that end, I decorated my new home, just enough, to add cheer and excitement to the everyday surroundings. And, of course, I always find some peace in piecing
This was my set up in the living room last night, piecing a new quilt for the shop while I watched Biggest Loser. I always love the sight of a pile of chain-pieced blocks…it provides me with such a sense of accomplishment!I’m making the Shoeboxes quilt out of Terry Atkinson’s Time Out Quilts Book. Super fast, easy, and oh, sew, cute!

One final note, December has finally arrived, and by that, I mean the December temperatures! Yesterday, December 1st, our temps were in the 60s (Fahrenheit!). Our average November temp this year was 47.2 degrees! WAY above normal. Today, it’s in the low 30s, and I finally wore my new scarf from Jan to work today along with my lovely “new” upcycled mittens (made from old wool sweaters). It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…


5 thoughts on “Pieceful times

  1. I also find great peace in piecing. Hoping to do more of that in the weeks ahead.
    Love the fabric in the mittens.
    Aren't Terry Atkinson patterns just the best? Nobody writes clearer instructions than she does.

  2. Good for you, Doris! Isn't it amazing how much effort it can take to maintain a peaceful holiday season? Looks like your piecing efforts are quite productive! And those mittens are fabulous. I have been saving wool sweaters to felt and make into mittens.

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