Blooming Butterflies

I am seriously ready for Spring. Yeah, I know, technically, Winter has yet to arrive according to the calendar, but according to my outside thermometer…it’s here with a vengeance!

And, essentially after two weeks of wintry weather and temperatures, I’m ready for Spring! But, I know I have no hope of really feeling warm weather for the next four months or so… for now, I’ll just share a nice Spring themed quilt you, courtesy of my Mom.
She made this Butterfly quilt about five years ago. Each butterfly is made of five hand-appliqued pieces with hand embroidered antennae. I helped her select the fabrics, two coordinating floral prints for each butterfly.
She wanted to hand quilt it, but decided to have a longarm quilter finish it for her. It’s from a scrap quilt book, which I can’t remember the name of, but if you really want to track it down, let me know and I can find out what the book is called.
We repainted her bedroom to match the quilt, a soft pink color, with a white stenciled butterfly border up near her white ceiling. Can you see it? The stencil is very subtle, but striking.

Well, it’s not warm weather, but I do feel a little better.


4 thoughts on “Blooming Butterflies

  1. It's easy to see where your talent comes from. What a gorgeous quilt – something to tide you over till the weather warms up and the real butterflies are fluttering around.

  2. Your mother's quilt is lovely. It's such a delicate, old-fashioned design. I'm sure she enjoyed every moment of making it. And the stencil is the icing on a scrummy cake. Beautiful!

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