Color My World

I made a few handmade gifts this year, maybe not as involved as the handmade items I did last year… but I truly enjoy giving my nieces and nephews a handmade gift when they already receive so many items from the store.

I’ve had plans to make some crayon rolls for quite a while now, I bought the crayons and colored pencils during a back-to-school sale in August. Two colored pencil rolls for my growing-up-way-too-fast nieces:
These colored pencils are very cool, they are double ended with a hot and a cool shade of red, a hot and coll shade of orange, and so on. By Crayola.
A travel journal novelty print on the outside of the the one for my 13-year-old niece… and crafty novelty print for the soon-to-be-six-year-old (Tomorrow!) niece.And then I found some cool three-sided, non-roll, crayons for the two-year-old budding artist who loves to sit and color…
Our Christmas celebration was delayed due to inclement weather in Iowa last week, so these will be gifted to them on Friday. I’m hoping they will be a hit!


5 thoughts on “Color My World

  1. Absolutely no question — they'll be a hit. Great fabric selections.

    The weather forced us to cancel family Christmas gatherings too. That's just life for us here in Iowa, isn't it? But it was extreme and early this year.

    Happy New Year, Doris. I hope that 2010 is all you hope it will be.

  2. Cool projects! I love all the backing fabrics you used. I made a crayon roll last year – they are fun to make, aren't they? Now I need one for colored pencils. I'm sure these will be a hit! Stay warm.

  3. Fabulous gifts! I am sure they will be a hit…..Happy New Year to you and your family and I hope the weather allows the family get together! We had 40C here today so no snow here!! LOL

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