Blast Off!

Made with scraps from last Christmas’
Rocket Men project
… an improvisational, Space-themed quilt for my nephew (who never got his own Baby quilt when he joined our family in 2008, so he gets a fun toddler quilt!)

I fussy cut scraps from the Prints Charming fabrics I used to make the rockets, and framed that out in various shades of blue… Then free-handed a rocket ship which I machine appliqued (raw-edge) after fusing on. The stars and the moon are also scraps from the Prints Charming line.

I tried a new free-motion quilting technique, trying to get a cloud, or atmospheric look behind the spaceship. What do you think?

This is what I put on the back, from the 2009 In the Beginning “Rocket Scientist” line:

I could not have asked for a better reaction…

That’s my sister, and baby Jonah immediately “cuddling in”! He did pause to pose with his gift, just like a champ, though!

The color roll his big brother received was a big hit as well…

He moved to his table right away to “get to work”!

See? This is why I love to make gifts!


9 thoughts on “Blast Off!

  1. Love the quilt – and the quilting is perfect for the theme. I'm planning to quilt two story quilts for my nephews this weekend – appreciate the inspiration to go beyond meandering.

  2. That quilt is wonderful! I'm so impressed that you designed that rocketship yourself! Can I get you to draw all my appliques? Your quilting design works well with your theme. And wow, do you and your sis ever look alike!

  3. this quilt is so cute! I love how you used a large focal point on the left and then accented it with the smaller blocks! Beautiful job! The rocketship you pieced is amazing!

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