Buzzin’ in the Bees

The Bee I’m hosting over at One Block Over is well underway, I think this is the fifth block completed for Michele already….
And Heather is on the ball sending out her February fabrics early, so I got on the ball and whipped up this wonky cabin block for her:
Dubbed “Sunshine in the Cabin” by yours truly…
February is my month in the Sew Connected 2 Bee, and I am so anxious to get my fabrics sent out on Monday and start getting blocks back in the mail! I need to get Beth’s January block sewn up this weekend and off to her in the mail…

The person who thought up this online “bee” idea is a genius. This is so much fun and such a sharing of creative ideas!


4 thoughts on “Buzzin’ in the Bees

  1. I'm doing two bees this year — my first ever — and so far it is a lot of fun. I can see how using different patterns, fabrics, and colors will really stretch my sewing skills and enhance my creativity. At least I hope so! Your blocks are fabulous!

  2. My bee block looks wonderful! The little bird is darling in the corner. When I make the extra blocks for the quilt, I am going to fussy cut the rest with a bird involved. Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to sewing up Heather's. A wonky log cabin I can do!

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