Medallion Musings

You were so curious about my sneak peek last week…this sweet little pink Kaffe birdie:

(a sure sign of the Spring I am dreaming of…some people dream of a White Christmas, I dream of an early Spring!) I didn’t mean to keep you waiting so long for the reveal–so, without further adieu… she belongs to this 12.5″ block, a medallion for a new quilt:

These eight little birdies represent me and my seven small group friends. I designed this “Birds of a Feather” medallion for a Round Robin exchange we are doing over the next six months or so. Each month, the medallion moves on to another member of the group, who will add a border onto it, then pass it along to the next quilter in the line. I won’t get to see this sweet little quilt again until late June or so. I added a few fabrics to the box to inspire the other “birds” in adding their borders:

Passing along my creation, knowing I have NO control over what it becomes was tough for a minor control freak, slightly anal-retentive person such as myself. This should be a good growing experience for me! Learn to let go, Doris, just let go… Here are the center medallions made by the other members of Seam Sew Easy:

Emma also chose a bird theme,
Beth and her husband admire the architecture of old barns, so she created a red barn medallion using Printed Treasures…

Our soldier, Sergeant Dawn made a paper-pieced star in patriotic colors…

Lisa recreated the facade of her home in fabric…

Teresa designed her own applique. Love the brights in combination with the black and white!

And Veronica made a maverick star in all her favorite colors.

Tricia couldn’t make it, for some reason, I just cannot fathom, she decided to flee ice covered Iowa to visit her parents in Phoenix. I’ll show her medallion another time. Some of these girls are very new quilters, but they have all produced great work and I know our quilts will all be wonderful!

Have you ever participated in a round robin project? I’d love to hear about it!


13 thoughts on “Medallion Musings

  1. Shelly and I are doing around robin, I sprung it on her last week… She didn't know she was doing one til It popped up in her mailbox! Nice friend huh?

    Great stuff! and fun projects!

  2. I love your birdie block — it's wonderful! I think all those quilts will come out great. I've done 2 round robins, one between just me and my best friend. I use that quilt on my bed in the winter (it's on there now). The other was among 5 fellow guild members, and it's in fall colors. I let My Cowboy use it in his recliner. They both turned out wonderful. Do not be afraid!

  3. A group of us did a round robin quilt back in 1998! It was such fun to keep each others quilts a secret for a year. And the end revealing was even more fun. Each month we assigned a particular style: triangles, applique, curved piecing, anything goes, etc. The biggest hurdle for all of us was learning how to calculate to determine how many of a block or motif was needed to go across a side in equal parts. Have a good time! You've got a fabulous start with those adorable birds.

  4. What a great variety of blocks.
    I was in my first and only round robin last year. We had 6 in each group, and our blocks were gone for 7 months. My husband couldn't understand how I could be a part of it, trusting other people to make a quilt for me. But that's the fun of it. You have no idea what you'll get back.
    You can see some of our round robin projects if you go to my blog and search “round robin.”
    Have fun, Doris!

  5. What a cool idea for a round robin! Such a great momento to have from your group too. I especially love your birds! But it's nice to see all the other unique projects reflecting each person's style.

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