Meadow Sweet

My Blooming Meadow quilt is finished! Quilted it on Saturday and finished the binding last night. This is one of my first freehand free-motioned quilts…it’s a leaf and vine pattern on the rectangular blocks,and a flower blossom on the hexagonal/log-cabiny blocks,
It’s hard to see the quilting (in bone colored thread) on these busy prints, but trust me, it’s pretty neat in person, if I do say so myself!The backing is one of my favorite Sandi Henderson prints, Henna Garden in espresso brown and cream for her Meadowsweet line:


6 thoughts on “Meadow Sweet

  1. Wow, it looks beautiful! I like the block pattern you used. Good for you for doing such an elaborate free-motion. I bet it felt good to have some time to finish it up. Are you keeping this one for yourself?

  2. Oh, I'm so happy you tried the free-hand quilting. For what we can see, it looks great! Love the busy-ness of your blocks. Lots to soak in. Very pretty.

  3. Hey – it's Jennie from the attempted “Eastern Iowa Modern Quilt Guild” — I'm totally clueless how to navigate over there, so wanted to thank you for your post, tell you your work is beautiful an confirm that I live in Eastern Iowa. I've done very little quilting but am gearing up to do more — I've been doing tons of sewing —

    It sure would be fun to get an Eastern Iowa Modern Quilt Guild going!

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