I showed you these gorgeous shot cottons a few posts ago, so it’s only fair I show you what I did with them:

Rita asked for wonky/scrappy/free-form blocks to make a quilt that oozes the themes of love, family, home. I knew I wanted to incorporate a simplified house shape…

And I’ve been enjoying making wonky log cabin blocks, so…. This is my second to the last block for the Sew Connected 2 Quilting Bee. I’m still collecting blocks from my month.

I absolutely fell in love with these cottons (does anyone know why they are called “shot cottons”?) so soft, luminous colors, great texture, what’s not to love?

On another note, I’ve been contacted by a few gals in Eastern Iowa about getting a Modern Quilt Guild started, anyone in central/eastern Iowa interested? Comment below if you are…

Happy sewing!


7 thoughts on “Shot.Cotton.Love

  1. Wouldn't a Modern Quilt Guild be a repetition of those already in our area? DMAQG, Eastern Polk County Quilt Guild, Ankeny Quilt Guild, and such?

  2. I love the colours. Are they called shot because they have two colours, one for the weft and one for the weave so you get shots of both from different angles?

  3. Hey, Doris! It's me, Veronica.

    I would love to have a Modern Quilt Guild for Central Iowa. I love being a part of the DMAQG, but it would be nice to have a group that focused on modern-style quilting. I think it would attract more younger quilters who are interested in non-traditional quilting.

    Where did you find the shot cotton? I've been looking for some and haven't found any around here.

  4. I would love to join. I am currently in Ames, but will be moving someday soon down to DSM. I would be extremely interested in helping set up and pull together a MQG.

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