Quilt in a Day

If Eleanor can do it in a day, I should be able to do it in a week, right?! No problem…. I need a gift for next weekend (Saturday) so I pulled fabrics for a throw quilt last Friday.

Also, I’m not using a pattern, just this photocopy of an old newspaper quilt block called “Chrysanthemum”. I’m making the pattern up as I go. The chrysanthemum is the traditional symbol of friendship, and the quilt is for a very dear friend of mine. If the quilt isn’t done in time for the event, she may be getting a bouquet of real chrysanthemums to tie her over…

On another note, I’m trying to upgrade to a “dream machine” and so, I’ll be de-stashing some fabric, patterns, books, and my current machine, the Pfaff.
UPDATE: Sold the Pfaff–the search for my “dream machine” continues….

4 thoughts on “Quilt in a Day

  1. Oh! I believe I saw your machine for sale! I'm shopping for a new machine too! A machine with a larger throat is my March birthday gift from my husband. I've been shopping three places now and am having a difficult time deciding which I want. I'd like a Bernina, but it's too expensive. I will be watching to see what you purchase!

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