Sew Content

I am so blessed, blessed with great talents, great family, great friends, great opportunities….I have alot to be thankful for! And thanks to the support of these wonderful family and friends, virtual as well as IRL (in real life), I’ve found peace with the struggles I was having a few weeks ago…

Who cares is this is the only sewing I got done in over a week?! At least I had time to sew one night…it could have been NONE!

What does it matter if I don’t have time to post on my blog for over a week? The world won’t end…

Why should it matter that my blog has only 30 readers and another one I follow has over 300? I still enjoy writing it, I enjoy journaling my progress here, and having a record to fall back on when my 40-year-old memory fails me yet again…

My life is wonderful, my life is blessed. And I choose contentment. Because the contentment of the past week or so feels so much better than the self doubts, self pity and self battery of the previous weeks.

Here’s to your contentment! Have a wonderful week…


5 thoughts on “Sew Content

  1. Humbling, and eye-opening to hear this, Doris. You are blessed with such a creative skill, and to know you have struggled – and are sharing that you've struggled – makes us all feel better. Thank you for that. And for the glimpses of what you're working on. That black background piece with bright four-patches is great. And your cupboard stash is wonderful! You must invite me over! (giggle)

  2. I think we all feel that way from time to time-at least I do- and it helps to hear that others feel that way too! I know I started blogging to keep a visual diary of all the things I make, but it is easy to lose track of that sometimes. I have enjoyed seeing what you are up to!

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better! It's nice to have those small projects to get a quick fix when you're short on time. BTW, my Google Reader shows that your blog has over 90 subscribers, so I think you should celebrate! I always love the inspiration you offer here.

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