I was in need of some. I was in need of a kick in the pants to get myself moving on some projects already in progress, but not progressing to completion… Enter Jacquie. She’s once again providing the motivation by hosting a Spring to Finish Challenge. You decide on what constitutes a “finish”. You proclaim how many “finishes” you plan to achieve in the next six weeks. You decide what your “reward” will be for completing the challenge.

This is what I am setting out to do, a little ambitious, perhaps, but here it is:

1) Quilt & Bind B&W quilt
2) Quilt and bind dress-form mini quilt
3) Finish Valentine runner
4) Finish six Nearly Insane blocks that are cut
5) Bind Girlish Charm quilt
6) Finish Chrysanthemum quilt
7) Finish Birthday quilt top
8) Bind the Shining Star quilt
9) Finish Flying Geese runner
10) Finish Lisa’s medallion border
11) Finish Studio canvases
12) Finish vintage sewing machine table
13) C’s baby quilt
14) Finish new shower curtain
15) Make 10.5″ 30s Block for Karen
16) Clean out closets 1, 2, and 3 (Ugh. My least favorite item on the list)
17) Store Sample-batik jacket

I haven’t decided how I will reward myself. Maybe a new book. Or two.


5 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Very ambitious, Doris! That's a bit more than motivation… it could be a tiche of insanity (giggle). I hope you remember to HAVE FUN while you're whittling away at that list!

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