Making a List, Checking it Twice

I’ve crossed a few biggies off of my Spring to Finish to-do list:

1) Quilt & Bind B&W quilt
2) Quilt and bind dress-form mini quilt
3) Finish Valentine runner
4) Finish six Nearly Insane blocks that are cut
5) Bind Girlish Charm quilt
6) Finish
Chrysanthemum quilt
7) Finish Birthday quilt top
8) Bind the Shining Star quilt
9) Finish Flying Geese runner
10) Finish Lisa’s medallion border
11) Finish Studio canvases
12) Finish vintage sewing machine table
13) C’s baby quilt
14) Finish new shower curtain
15) Make 10.5″ 30s Block for Karen
16) Clean out closets 1, 2, and 3 (Decided to do my LEAST favorite, first!)
17) Store Sample-batik jacket

I decided that #16 was the most dreaded of the tasks, the rest are all enjoyable on some level, but #16, only possible to enjoy that task when it is complete. So I dove in, and have my Spring closet cleaning and organizing done, a full two weeks before my sister’s garage sale (where all the “toss” items are going).

Over the weekend, I finished up my last Valentine table runner while watching Anne of Green Gables.

And the biggest accomplishment was finally binding my Girlish Charm Quilt, a generous King-sized mammoth… made with all Amy Butler prints…
The “chains” are all Amy Butler Charm fabrics (hence the name of the quilt), and the fabric between them is from the Amy Butler Midwest Modern 2 line.The binding is bias binding cut from this Pink Lotus Pond by Amy Butler:The back used up the remaining Charm scraps I had, and a lovely soft pink Kona Cotton. It took forever to stitch the binding down just because of it’s size…but I have a great feeling of accomplishment, now that it is done!

Tonight: The Chrysanthemum Quilt!


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