What I did Friday night….

A sweet little friend of mine, a Princess, as a matter of fact, turned 3 years old on Saturday. So on Friday, I rushed to my peasant home (condo) after a day of toiling in the fields (office), pulled out these pink and purple trimmings….

and made her this Royal table runner…

and this Royal Banner (it’s five feet across)….

Then headed to the castle to help the mother and grandmother of the Princess decorate the Royal Dessert that would be served to her loyal subjects the following day….

We started by carefully creating 340 pink Forget-Me-Nots…

With which to decorate the Royal Confection…

A to-scale-recreation of her Royal Palace…

And after just four short hours, just before the clock struck Midnight, our Royal task was complete. I’ve no doubt we tackled our task with any less care for detail than the decorator of her Wedding cake will demonstrate!

The cake was set out the following day for her loyal subjects to parade past and admire while paying their respects to the Princess….

Not wanting to light the confectionary castle afire for the Making of a Wish, I decorated a special Tiara cake to hold the Royal torches.
The young princess had a glorious day of celebration…here she is unveiling her gifts with poise and grace, dressed in her finest robes…

After sharing cake and ice cream with her loyal subjects, she took a… (ahem….) beauty break….

a mudbath on the Royal grounds. It is hard work being a Princess, after all…


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