A Creative Climate

Just a few short years ago, I lived in a teeny tiny apartment with almost no closet space, and my sewing area was set up in a small area at the foot of my bed.  It was not a great creative climate, and incidently, I created far less art than I do now.  To me, having the space to create is just as important as having the tools to create!

Now, even though we live in a small condo, I am fortunate enough to have the entire second bedroom as my studio.  Every thing about this room makes me happy…

My Ikea Expedit bookcase and desk was a dream come true….as was the new Janome that sits atop it…

The vintage items that line the top of the bookcase just make me smile.  The box used to store my Mom’s oil paints and brushes (today it stores small jars of beads), the wood finials are from my Grandpa’s workbench, the mini iron was an antique store find, and the spools and hem marker were gifts from my friend, Toni.   Everything I chose to display, store, or hang in this room gives me a sense of joy and peace, either because of who it is/was connected to, the colors/patterns that give it visual appeal, or the what it represents.

I don’t know who made this gorgeous crazy quilt of 1950s and 1960s fabrics, but it reminds me a quilts my grandmother made, all types of fabrics mixed together, colors wildly combined that somehow “work”, it’s just a happy quilt. 

In 1950, my grandma would have been the same age I am today.  I like to think she might have created something like this quilt when she was just facing her middle age…as I am now.  On the shelf is a photo of my Grandma in her rose garden, when she was about ten years old.  She’s wearing a fabulous 1920s sailor dress and has a hideous short bobbed haircut–it’s priceless!  And, at the right is her thimble collection. 

On the other side of the room is drop table that usually holds my 1978 Bernina, today it is providing a spot for a nap for my furry friend…

Above that table hangs a stained glass window that came from my great-grandfather’s farmhouse, with a favorite Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that I added to it…

And in the corner is my stash, housed in Ikea Antonius baskets…which looks nice and tidy right now, because I just cleaned it out to do some destashing via Etsy.

The fat quarters are displayed prettily in this Eddie Bauer Home bathroom fixture, which hangs above my cutting table…

That’s a little tour of my studio, my fabulous aqua blue, filled with joy and happiness, “creative climate”. 

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17 thoughts on “A Creative Climate

  1. I LOVE your happy sewing place and the stories behind the content. Thanks so much for sharing all that is dear and close to your heart. This post made my day today. 🙂

  2. This is amazing!! My space desperately needs tidying also… I have a part of the living room as I wouldnt leave the sewing room otherwise to spend time with the bf so this was a good solution. Now I just have to stop putting my stuff EVERYWHERE…

  3. what a beautiful space to sew in! i need you to help me spruce up my space i think! ;0) although for now, i'm in the “i am so grateful to have a designated space to sew” camp. like you said, it does make a huge difference.

  4. What a wonderful room! I too painted my sewing room aqua and I want to use splashes of green and cream for a beachy serene feel. Love your items of the heart…I need me some of those….I want to make my space a haven. thanks for the tour.

  5. So many of the decorative things in your sewing room are special and personal. That alone brings sunlight and comfort to a room, even on a cloudy day. Your room is definitely a place for creative juices to flow.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. It's so lovely . . . I've been taking the studio tour, and it's inspired me to tackle my own and give it a makeover. I started last weekend . . . we'll see what happens. Love your blue walls.

  7. What a wonderful space! I could do with something like that, but I guess it is kinda difficult in a one-bedroom flat. But I can dream, rigth?

    I love how you mixed in memories of your grandma – my grandma was a very crafty lady and I definitely feel very connected to her through my crafting.. 🙂

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