July Almond Berry Cake (with recipe!)

Is your birthday in July?  Mine is, and so are three out of the seven other gals in my Quilt group.  My little brother has a July birthday, too, and my cousin Kay is just five days older than me, my boss just three days, I know at least six more friends and relatives with birthdays this month… 

Last night I made a cake for our Quilt group party tonight, utilizing July’s abundance of fresh berries. The card is a 5″ x 7″ index card with stitched fabric letters, “happy” and “birthday” written in red and blue Sharpie, and four candles holding it in place, one for each of us with a July birthday.

Want the recipe?  Here you go…

July Almond Berry Cake

1 (18.25 oz) White cake mix
1 tsp Almond extract

1 small box Cook-to-Serve Vanilla Pudding mix
1 tsp Almond extract
1.5 C Whipped Topping (I used Cool Whip)
1 C strawberries
1 C blueberries
1) Prepare cake according to directions on box, adding Almond extract while mixing.  Bake according to directions on box.  Cool completely before adding topping.
2) Prepare pudding according to package directions, adding only 1.75 cups of milk.  Add Almond extract after removing from stove, stirring in well.  Cool pudding to room temperature, then Chill for 30 minutes.
3) Fold whipped topping into chilled pudding.  Spread over cake.  Top with berries and serve.

This can be made as a layer cake, spreading pudding topping and berries between each layer.  I have to travel with it this evening, so I used a 9″ x 13″ pan with a cover instead.

Stay tuned, next week you might just get lucky with a birthday giveaway!


5 thoughts on “July Almond Berry Cake (with recipe!)

  1. Nice recipe, to be saved for baking on a day the air-conditioner isn't needed. Sorry I don't fit into your July birthdays crowd. Happy birthday to you, though!

  2. This looks quite tasty! I love these kinds of fruity desserts in summer cuz they don't feel so heavy. Happy birthday to all the July people out there!

  3. Awesome piecing D!! I've been trying to work on my Gram's “Grandmother's Flower Garden” quilt and just can't seem to get the hand piecing right – maybe a quick lesson from my mentor?! The cake is awesome too! I got a little something for you for your B-day – and NO it's not the B-Day gift from 3 years ago you're still waiting for 🙂

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