Pilgrim’s Progress

Over the July Fourth weekend, sweetie and I traveled to his family home in the Twin Cities for a visit with his Dad, in hospice care, and a family BBQ at his brother’s home.  I made good use of the car time of our little pilgrimage by working on my hexagons.

This is my first hand-pieced sewing project, if you don’t count English Paper Piecing or any of those doll clothes I tried to create with my chubby seven-year-old fingers and a clumsily wielded needle and thread many years ago…  (I might be hooked, now!)

I’m making a Candied Hexagon Quilt, the original version was published in Australian Quilters Companion Vol.5.2 No 18, (2005) designed by Kerry Dear.  Kerry’s version was based on a 1830s quilt made by Frederica Josephson, featured in The Fabric of Society.  The original can be seen here, fourth photo in the post

There have been several Candied Hexagons made and shared in blogland, some of my favorites are:

  • Janet of Quilstalott made her version using Kerry Dear’s APQ pattern
  • Liz of broderie who does gorgeous handwork!
  •  Linda of Flourishing Palms (who lives just a few miles from me and shared her templates!)
  • Heather’s shown here (scroll to end of the post) uses fabrics and colors similar to mine 
  •  and there is one more that I have a lovely print-out of, in mostly blues, Asian fabrics, but sadly I lost the information on its maker, but you should see it!!!  Fabulous use of color, fussy-cut prints, and a unique style of fabric.  (Bonus points to anyone who can tell me where to find this link again!)

    I’d be happy to share the pattern with you, since it is from an out of print magazine issue, which I happen to have thanks to a grand friend…but I should warn you… you might get hooked on hexagons and hand-piecing, too!


    25 thoughts on “Pilgrim’s Progress

    1. Doris, I started this quilt and it is ready to put toegther. You have inspired me to finish it up. I think there was an error in the pattern and the company never sent me the update.

    2. Your color sense is amazing! You are so fortunate to have THE GIFT. Picking out all these prints and colors, and seeing them come together… it's simply spectacular! Good on you!

      Can't wait to see what these look like when they're sewn to one another.

    3. i have enjoyed the little trip round blogland looking at all the candied hexagon quilts you mentioned, including mine! thankyou for the mention and all the visitors to my blog. i so enjoyed doing the quilt that i have thoughts of doing another sometime. i hope you keep posting about yours!

    4. What a beautiful project! I love hearing that you worked on this during your road trip. Good for you for hand-piecing this. Someday, I hope to try the English paper piecing technique for little hexagons. Sound like a fun trip!

    5. Oh! I am already hooked on hexies! I love this version and am tucking this post away in bookmarks for the day I finish the hexie projects i am already working on!

    6. These hexies are beautiful, Doris! You are feeding my addiction with all those links. I'm pretty sure this is a good thing. 🙂

      Also, FABULOUS job with the changes to your header! I love how “at home” the ricrac looks now. The whole presentation is nice and cohesive. Excellent work!

    7. i've been intrigued by this quilt since i first saw it on Quiltsalott–it's gorgeous! are you piecing this with the english-paper piecing method or just hand-piecing? i'm just finishing up a hexagon quilt which i hand-paper-pieced and i don't want to do that again! i would love to get the pattern from you–will you be posting it on your blog? i of course am in the middle of a bunch of different projects–but i do love this quilt!

    8. Wow im so in love with this quilt !!
      Have a double no chance of ever gettng the pattern, 1 im in the UK and 2 its out of print !!!!!
      I have been looking for ages for a full sized quilt to make as my first one and as ican not sit at my machine to much this would be soooooo wonerful AND the pattern is making the hairs on my neck tingle 😦 so sad and wish i lived in Aus!

    9. Doris, I love your fabrics! Your Candied Hexagons quilt is going to be so beautiful. It's indeed a very special quilt to make and I loved every step of the process. Now my quilt is going in a travelling exhibition around Australia next year. Can't wait to see your finished quilt too :-))

    10. thanks for your mention of my candied hexagons quilt and my blog, one of the most enjoyable quilts that i have ever made ! enjoy the process of hand piecing and yours looks good so far !

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    12. This looks absolutely stunning… I love your colour choices.
      Is there a pattern at all for the Candied Hexagons quilt? It looks like a big commitment, but SO worth it.

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