Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay….

At least, that is what I was doing a few weeks ago…and am daydreaming that I am doing again now….  See don’t I look like I was enjoying myself?

We had eight wonderful days away…fabric shopping our way North (My sweetie is almost TOO willing to find the quilt shops along the way, not so good for my wallet!)  Taking in the sights…

Getting lots of fresh Lake air…

Taking some steps back in time…

Enjoying the waters…

and eating some fabulous meals!  This was my sweetie’s Bison Burger, by far the prettiest plate of burger and fries I ever laid eyes on (tasty too!)

I did alot of reading by the water, some hand-sewing (pics to come soon!), staring out at the lake, a little swimming, went for a boat ride, or two, fell off a JetSki (I really do not like those things.), and had an overall fabulous time.

I’ve been back to reality for a week now, am just starting to get my sewing mojo and my work mojo back.  I think I may need another vacation. 


4 thoughts on “Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay….

  1. Wow….looks like a great place to have a holiday! I always find it hard to find ANY mojo when I get back from holidays! Wonderful memories that you can recall when you need to though!

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