Bargain Hunter, extraordinaire

Anyone with a local Hancock Fabrics store knows that they have been celebrating their 53rd year in business all month with 53% Off sales.  I didn’t get excited about too many items in the sale circular, except… when I saw Kona Cotton on sale for 53%, I had to go stock up!  Folks, that is $2.81 a yard!!!  I started by pulling out my current Kona stash to see what I had on hand…

I added some Amethyst, Tangerine, and Stone to my stash after my visit to the store, but sadly, many colors were sold out.  I did get a raincheck for about six colors they normally carry, so hopefully I can grow the satsh some more, very soon.  Every quilter knows how handy those solids can be.  I’ve been using a few of my Kona solids on a few special projects, including this…

The other major bargain I found recently came in the form of a rummage sale.  A crafter who decided that needlework, quilting and beading are no longer her thing, she is focusing on her knitting, and DOWNSIZING dramatically.  I was the third person at the sale.  Much of the good stuff, I missed out on, I was too late!!!  But, this is what I did bring home:

Most of these items are unopened and unused:

  • Queen size Hobbs Organic Batting
  • 17″ square Q-Snap Quilting frame
  • Darlene Zimmerman’s Companion Angle ruler
  • Sharon Hultgren Easy Angle ruler
  • 3 pkg of Schmetz quilting needles
  • Singer scissors
  • Roll of Thangles
  • Pkg of yarn darners
  • Pkg of bodkins
  • pkg of Homecraft Needles for embroidery
  • 12 yds of silk ribbon
  • Kwik Clip
  • Wooden stylus
  • 3 yds white ribbon
  • Microtach gun
  • 2 boxes of Pearl head pins
  • pkg of Fabric Marking Pens (red, yellow, blue)
  • 8 Pigma Pens (BRAND NEW!)
  • 2 pkgs acid-free tags
  • Quick Quarter and Quick Quarter II
  • X-Acto set with mini cutting mat
  • 2 pkgs hand-dyed fabrics in skin tones
  • 2 patterns
  • 3 books (like new!)
  • Thread holder
  • Yoga Block (my one and only non-crafty purchase!)

Many of these items still had price tags, and I estimate that I got about $212 worth of merchandise (stuff I would have bought and used eventually, anyway) for $35.  Not bad for a quick stop at a sale on my way to work in the morning.

Don’t you just love a bargain?  Happy sewing (and shopping!) to you…




4 thoughts on “Bargain Hunter, extraordinaire

  1. what great bargains you got! holy moly!!! good for you!

    thanks for the heads up on the Hancock sale. I'm not a regular there, so I didn't know of the sale. I could ALWAYS use more Kona. Especially at 53% off. Woo-hoo!

  2. You are an amazing bargain hunter! Look at that huge loot full of all sorts of supplies! Thanks for the tip about the solids sale. I can always use more, especially at that price!

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