Gharish and Ghoulish Garlands

Thanks to all of you that left kind words and sent emails in response to my last post. I try to keep this blog a light and fun space, life isn’t always, light and fun, that is, but I could not let the chance to say something pass by…and after reading the reactions to it, I am SO glad I did say something.
I did manage to have a little Halloween gathering at my home last week… I didn’t get all the handmade items completed for it that I wanted to, but it was fun and wonderful just the same. I put together that Halloween tree with a branch I cut while on a walk at a nearby trail and a vintage jack-o-lantern candy pail.

My sweetie’s Mom gave us some vintage Halloween decorations that she used to decorate with when she first got married in the 1950s(!). I spruced up the mantle with these items:My favorite is the cardboard cut-out garland of jack-o-lanterns…pretty awesome, huh?My sweetie has told me, on more than one occasion, about these pumpkins that his Mom always hung on the mantle for Halloween, and how cool he thought they were. We were both thrilled to find out they were still around!

I found some other nifty, and crafty, Autumn and Halloween garlands/banners out there…check these out:

Stephanie’s super cute wool Halloween Garland….

Rawbone Studios’ awesome Dios Los Muertos garland in black and orange….

aprilfoss’ too-cute-for-words Owl Garlands…seriously, check out the cuteness in this girl’s shop!

And, I’ve resisted the urge to jump into paper crafting, I figure I have one pricey hobby, and that should be enough. But how much would I like to craft (or at least, have) a Boo Garland like Genevieve’s?

There is some seriously spooky inspiration out there…. As always, send me a link or leave a comment if you have come across any great Halloween decorations!


4 thoughts on “Gharish and Ghoulish Garlands

  1. Great decorations for a Halloween party! I especially love the branch with ornaments hanging in it. And the mantel looks great. I think garlands for all seasons would be fun to have in my stash of holiday decorations.

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