Halloween is Closing In…

Readers, you know that my grand plans for October fun and Halloween Hoopla were interrupted by our recent loss, and I’ve decided to delay the giveaway I had planned (Keep commenting on my posts, your comments will all count in the final giveaway!) I’m still enjoying the Autumn weather and the Halloween decorations I see as I drive to-and-fro every day.

Tonight we will be working on our Halloween costumes…here’s a peek at some of our supplies:
If anyone can guess what we are dressing as, from this photo, I’ll send you a a special prize; as I think you would have to have ESP in order to guess it from these supplies. And local friends, who have been told what we are dressing as, your guesses don’t count!!! (hint: no one is dressing as a dinosaur and no one is dressing as a hippie.)

So, I have an entire list of October posts already lined up for 2011, since I didn’t get to them this year. But that’s okay. It happens.

I do have a few links I thought I would share with you on these last few days before Halloween:

Have you seen the “Costume Sewing Patterns” group on Flickr? Those vintage ones remind me of fabric shopping with my Mom for handmade Halloween costumes many a year ago…

Ellen at The Long Thread has lots of Fall and Halloween inspiration on her site, well worth clicking through…

Draw!Pilgrim has a site full of colorful, fanciful eye candy, some free label downloads offered on today’s post, and a cute tutorial for making a Halloween lantern. Cute and seriously easy.

Jodi at Pleasant Home rounds up all sorts of great ideas, her own as well as showcasing other’s, but one of my all time faves? These jack-o-lantern towels from last October.

and next year, I might need to decorate my bed….like this.

Happy haunting…and make sure you buy enough candy.


4 thoughts on “Halloween is Closing In…

  1. Really enjoyed the links for Halloween stuff. Like you, it will have to be next year. Family health problems have pretty much put decorating out for this year.

  2. enjoy finishing up your fun costume projects. And enjoy these last few days of the Halloween season! So fun to see all the decorations and carved pumpkins in the neighborhoods. I can't wait to carve our pumpkins.

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