A Runner Tutorial…and a WINNER!

Need a quick-and-dirty gift that doesn’t look so quick-and-dirty? This is NOT my design, someone showed me recently how to make these, based on a free pattern they were given at their guild meeting. I thought it was one nifty technique…

Start with a 1/2 yard (by width-of-fabric/WOF) of your backing material and 1/3 yard (by WOF) of your top. (I think these are both Marcus Brothers fabrics, they came from my stash…)
With right sides together, stitch along one long edge:I then pressed my seam open, but you can just keep sewing if you want to. Stitch along second long side with a 1/4″ seam allowance, forming a “tube” with your fabric:
Press seams, and then turn right side out. Fold your “tube” in half, lengthwise, with your backing fabric inside the fold, and your top fabric on the outside. Sew a 1/4″ seam on both short ends:Press each end seam open…Then turn the point out and press well:Your table runner is essentially finsihed at this point, with only a few minutes of construction time! No batting used, it would make the points too heavy, but you could use a flannel batting or an interfacing stabilizer to edge a little weight to your runner.

A few finish ideas (because the triangle flap is left open): Sew buttons at the seam on your end triangles; Top-stitch around the backing fabric to keep it flap even when washing; Quilt it; Use a decorative stitch from your machine to dress-up the edge; Or, apply applique…I free-handed a few maple leaves and did a raw edge fused applique on each end. I then finished up by top-stitiching around the center rectangle in dark brown thread. I made this for my Autumn Giveaway, and I’ll be sending along a charm pack of “Blessings” by Brannock and Patek (for Moda).
Drumroll….pleeassseeee….. The Random Number Thingy tells me is Kali, an awesome photographer! I’ve sent you an email Kali, congrats…

Thanks for playing along, for all your kind words and for your engagement stories (FUN!)….


4 thoughts on “A Runner Tutorial…and a WINNER!

  1. Oh thank you for the wonderful tute! It's a wonderful and easy gift idea. Congrats to the winner, Kali. And “oops,” is that a picture that HAPPENS to have your left, ring finger in it?

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