Someone gave ME a quilt!

Are you one of those people that gives pretty handmade gifts, hand crafted items, but never seems to receive any? That’s me, too. No one ever seem to think of shopping at vintage stores, or antique shops, or craft fairs for me (I guess they assume I’ll make it myself), occasionally I receive a quilt shop gift certificate (always appreciated!).

Except Toni. She has always found unique, sometimes odd and unidentified, gifts for me, shares my love of fabric and all things sewing, and she’s generous. She gave me THIS:
It’s a quilt she made (a UFO until recently) that I have coveted for over five years. Made of mostly Amy Butler “Charm” fabrics in the navy and pink colorway that I sadly never bought any of. She gave it to me at our retreat this weekend as a belated birthday gift. It was SO worth the wait. The back is the gorgeous Chelsea Rose pattern (and check out that striped bias binding!):Toni, I love it, as you know, and I’ve already spent two evenings snuggling with it, despite the fact that it is unseasonably warm this week! I love you, too, girlfriend.

Our Guild retreat was this past weekend, I managed to finish up these Bee blocks, for Liz and Angela for One Block Over…I did a BAG FULL of cutting to finish up my Halloween quilts for next October… and I stitched most of my Christmas quilt top (pics to come as soon as I finish the top). Mostly I ate bad-for-me junk food, talked, slept, drank a margarita toast to my engagement, and laughed a lot. Retreats are good. Great friends are even better.


6 thoughts on “Someone gave ME a quilt!

  1. That is wonderful!!! And I know what you mean about presents, I always feel that I spend ages trying to make or find the right present for someone only to get a relatively bad (or none at all) from someone else… Glad to hear there are likeminded people out there!

  2. Gosh that's a lovely story. You guys will be super quilt buddies forever now. I'm a florist and people often say I'd be fussy about getting flowers but no, I'm a florist because I love all flowers and would welcome a a single daisy.

  3. I received a gift of a quilt a couple of weeks ago. I was blown away to say the least. It is a beautiful pineapple pattern, handquilted and bed sized. It was from a wonderful quilter that I met at Padukah about 6 years ago, spent a few lovely hours with and have kept in contact. She now lives in Switzerland (lived in Jakarta when I met her). I can only hope to pay it forward sometime. Bonnie in Iowa

  4. Oh man Lady – you actually made me tear up. That's the sweetest thing I've ever read about myself and on a much needed day. You know I love you dearly and am truly blessed to call you a friend.

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