Go, Diego, Go!

Hi reader, happy December!  I can’t believe we are almost to the end of another calendar year.  That means another round of holiday gatherings, and in our family, more birthday celebrations.  You might recall the post I did about my nephews Curious George birthday party last year, and the shirts I made for them.  Well, this year, it is all Diego, all the time.  Big Brother was even Diego for Halloween this year…Baby jaguar, magic backpack, and flashlight included:
My sister, their talented mommy, made this awesome Diego and Dora cake for them:

 And Aunt Doris made them “magic Diego birthday shirts”:

 I’ll let you in on a little secret…  there is no licensed Diego fabric on the market, so I bought a package of Diego underwear (called “unders” in Big Brother’s world) at Target, used Heat-n-Bond Lite to stabilize the fabric before cutting the numbers out of them, and satin-stitched around the edges after heat-setting them to the shirts:

Not bad, huh?   I can only imagine what next year’s pop culture obsession will be.  Here’s Little Brother in his shirt, lest anyone be left out….

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