Pillow Talk

I made a t-shirt for last Christmas for my sweetie.  It read “I geek banjos”, the phrase was explained in this post, when I was still working on it.  Sadly, after one washing, the t-shirt was too small to be comfortable wearing.  I spent a long time stenciling that shirt, I wasn’t about to throw it in the donation pile!  So this Christmas it is being gifted to him, again, as a throw pillow:

Yes, I believe you can give the same gift twice, if it’s altered in between, right?!?  He’s getting a Kindle, too, so he isn’t exactly deprived…  The border and backing are this, BeBop by P & B Textiles: 

Appropriate fabric, given that he owns and plays quitars, banjos and mandolins.  It was a day for sewing pillows, I guess, made a pillowcase for a Christmas gift as well, out of some sassy cowgirl fabric that was gifted to me a last year:

Not too many handmade gifts this year, but it was a relief not to feel the pressure of getting a bunch of items made by Christmas!  Maybe next year, I’ll start early and make something for everyone on the list.  Then again…

4 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. Then again… you'll be planning a big wedding, won't you?

    Nice stuff! The baby quilt, the pillows. You've been busy at the machine. Your new Janome?

    Have a very merry Christmas.

  2. I think the pillow is an even more fabulous gift than the t-shirt Doris!! And talk about perfect fabric for the border!
    Sassy cowgirl is right – interesting dreams will come from sleeping on that pillowcase!
    Merry Christmas Doris!

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