January Sewing

Though, I didn’t get as much sewing time as I would have liked in January… (seriously, it’s Winter in Iowa, theoretically, I should have LOTS of indoor time–yet I seemed to be on-the-go all month long!) I did get a some mending done, including hemming some pants and fixing my favorite mittens:

Made out of up-cycled acrylic and wool sweaters, after a full season of wear, the palm sides were getting “hole-y”. I replaced the fleece lining and outer layer with batik to match the top sides. To do list: check!

I made this block over the weekend for Michele, the recipient of the January One Block Over blocks:

I had made a quilt from This same line of fabric, but not with all these prints and colorways. I LOVE the strawberries…
One thing I always do with block exchange or Bee blocks, is sign them, on the back, on a seam allowance. It’s a good way for the recipient to keep track of who made which block as they come back in the mail (and who knows, maybe someday, after I’m long gone, someone will come across this and wonder about the life of a quilter from Iowa who made that block in 2011)…Hey, it could happen.

I also made this block over the weekend, it’s a block to use in my Sew Connected 2 quilt. It’s always fun to create-as-you-go, no pattern, just sew and cut and stitch until you decide it’s finished!

Here’s a quick glimpse of part of this block along with the other twelve I received:

I decided to make this block do double-duty, turning it into a header and a button for this year’s Bee:

The to-do list is still quite long, but it’s always good to see progress!


2 thoughts on “January Sewing

  1. How great to be able to spend so much time sewing! and to be caught up! Love these adorable house blocks, and the new header you created for our Bee. So cheerful!

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