Thanks, Amy!

Today, I am a featured blogger over at Amy’s Creative Side. In honor of that, I’m putting together a little giveaway (gifties to be revealed on Tuesday, along with the winner, so leave me a comment on ANY post before Midnight CST Monday, February 14th…)
Amy has been hosting the Blogger’s Quilt Festival for a few years now. I’ve entered three or four of my quilts in her festival, which has grown RIDICULOUSLY to over 600 entries each Spring and Fall. Sadly, I usually don’t find the time to go view them all. But I have found some wonderful blogs through her links, and other people have found me and my blog.  It’s a great community here online, great support, great feedback and great motivation! Who doesn’t need more of that!?!

I’m going to post on Tuesday about a quilt I mentioned to Amy when she asked me about when I started quilting:

“…and I learned to hand quilt as a pre-teen, quilting a hideous cheater cloth quilt and an antique bedspread that my Grandma had given me; then I STARTED quilting, as a hobby and an obsession, about eight years ago”

I realized when I answered that question, I have never posted about that quilting experience.  Then I realized why, I have NO photos of it.  So browse the blog, leave me some comments and come back on Tuesday, to see my Grandma’s Bedspread Quilt and see if you won anything!

On a side note, I have to tell you, today I am on cloud nine because my dear friend Dawn, who is currently deployed to Afghanistan, and who we made this quilt for just prior to her deployment, is home for a few days of R & R, and I get to see her and give her a big hug tonight!  yippeee!!


11 thoughts on “Thanks, Amy!

  1. that's a lovely quilt for your friend!! i enjoyed your spotlight on amy's blog–i have one of those seam rippers and didn't know about the rubber end–my fingers thank you!!

  2. I'm so glad you got to see your friend, Dawn. The quilt your group made for her is beautiful! It's heartwarming to see everyone's happy faces.

    It's been great to read your Wednesday Wedding updates. I went through that process SO long ago, I've forgotten most of it. Enjoy this special planning time… you're just weeks away!

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