We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

I managed to get a half hour of sewing in this week to make my May bee block for Mrs. Schmenkman, Amy

Love her fabrics and her choice of block…super easy to assemble!

Then, last night I went to the meeting of the Des Moines Area Quilt Guild, our traditional guild which has a membership of somewhere near 500.  Our speaker was Karen Eckmeier of Quilted Lizard designs.  She talked about freeing yourself to include raw edges, collaged quilting (her term), and letting yourself play for a 15-20 minutes every morning before you start to create–ignore the quilt police!  Her talk was very much in line with many modern quilt bloggers.

Some of the quilts she brought to share…

I love how her quilts incorporate hidden photographs from her family, travels, etc, that essentially go unnoticed until she points them out to you:

And my favorite pieces of her’s are her wavy log cabins, sort of in line with wonky log cabins you see in the blogosphere, but she takes it even further with embellishment:

Her “doodle quilting”, and appliqued triangles and shapes within her logs:

I’m definietly inspired to do some creating this week!!!

One more change this week…I decided to get rid of that extra hair I’ve been dealing with the last several months, and go with a short pixie for summer….ahhhh……  My hair just seems to be happier when it’s short, what can a girl do?

Have fun creating, dear reader!


4 thoughts on “We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

  1. Cute block. I made one too! Ha! Cute quilts. I made a Karen Eckmeier “Happy Villages” quilt. Cute haircut! But I'm not getting one of those… yet.

  2. Love the hair! I cannot WAIT to cut mine short again. I'm keeping it longer for my friends' wedding this weekend that I'm in. She doesn't really like it short, so I thought I'd be nice and grow it out as much as possible.

    I did manage to get so annoyed with it this weekend that I took a scissors to the back and cut off 2 inches. But the front is still long. That counts, right?

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