The Olypmics of Quilts

Have you seen the theme that was unveiled for the 2014 Sochi Olympics?

The concept design is a “patchwork quilt” – a combination of 16 designs representing traditional Russian arts and crafts.  The concept is the visual embodiment of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games philosophy and is intended to express the character of modern Russia whilst at the same time introducing guests from all over the world to traditional Russian hospitality.

It’s modern quilts–everywhere!!!!  These pics are from the unveiling ceremony… in late April.  (yeah, I’m behind, was a little busy in late April…)  More here…  I think these pics look more like they are from Quilt Market than a Russian press conference, don’t you? 

I might have to buy some Olympics wear for the first time since I was a kid!  And, I’m seeing a scrap quilt coming together based on this inspiration….


3 thoughts on “The Olypmics of Quilts

  1. Those are the best Olympic uniforms I've ever seen! And the banners are beautiful. As you say, Doris, plenty of quilty inspiration here :-))

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