Generosity for Joplin–Two Ways to Give

My heart and my mind have been with my neighbors to the south these days, those brave souls in Joplin, MO.  So many stories of bravery, selflessness and generosity from people who suffered through terrible loss and tragedy.  In one of their darkest hours, these good people are giving everything of themselves to help their neighbor…

A request for help came to my email this week, originally sent by Gloria Parks who represents one of the quilt guilds in Joplin, Missouri. Her email reads:

I am in charge of donations for our guild of 75 quilters. As you probably know the house we store our fabric and tools in was completely destroyed. We found only two crib quilts in the debris so about 80 quilts we had already made are gone. Any material, batting, quilts, large pieces for backings, etc. will be appreciated. You couldn’t ship mats and large rolls of batting, so any donation of money for these items we would love. Our quilt store, Joann’s and Walmart are destroyed so we can purchase in an adjoining city. We have also set up a relief fund for victims. Anything donated can be sent to:

Gloria Parks

2921 N. Hickory

Joplin, MO 64801

Checks should be made out to Gloria Park.  Her guild creates 178 quilts a year (!) along with 150 pillowcases made for children going through cancer treatments, which she personally drives to Kansas City to deliver yo the Children’s Cancer Hospital. They made dresses to send to Africa and star blocks for the Military Quilt this year. We make baby layettes, blankets and preemie hats for the hospital and every Christmas all of us make Christmas stockings and put money in them for the children in a home here. We knit scarves and hats to give out in winter and some women make sleeping bags out of old batting and fabric for the homeless. We help the needy and now we are the needy.

They are asking for supplies, for quilting, so they can continue their service work…  They are the needy, but one of their greatest concerns is being able to continue their work in helping the less fortunate…those in greater need.  Amazing people, no?

One more way to contribute, you can send finished quilts that will go to those who have lost everything, or worse, lost someone precious.

Ackfeld Manufacturing is a craft supplier based in Missouri.  From their site: If you have a quilt that  you don’t have anyone in mind for please donate to the victims of the tornado in Joplin Missouri….. If you would be so kind as to send them to Ackfeld we will get them into the hands of the Red Cross. Please sign these quilts and let them know where they are coming from so that they can feel the love of the world surrounding them. 


3 thoughts on “Generosity for Joplin–Two Ways to Give

  1. Oh wow… thanks for posting this. I was going to see if there were any area quilt shops that may have survived the storm and buy fabric from them.

    I may have to ship them a box o'goodies.

  2. I have stuff to send!!!! You have no idea how excited I am to be able to send it to someone who can use it so well – this information is priceless – thank you!!

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