Sun Drenched

I had so much fun sewing the other night…the former art student in me was in 7th heaven!  …creating my June Block for One Block Over.  Andrea wants to make a quilt inspired by the artwork of Ton Schulten.  I was unfamiliar with his work before Andrea posted her idea.  Now, I’m quite smitten by all things Ton Schulten. 

Andrea sent this in her package:

The solids at the top of the photo are the “shadow” colors, and the solids at the bottom are for the “sun drenched” portion of the painting.  Also included was a thumbnail image from a Ton Schulten calendar for inspiration.  Yeah, I’m smitten.

I wanted to interpret the thumbnail image somewhat literally, (although, Andrea asked for no trees or buildings, she wanted abstract!) so I started free-piecing, creating the left side first, then recreating the right side of the painting… 

Then I went back and free-pieced the center section, pulling two additional yellow/gold solids from my solids stash to get a little more variety in my pigment.

So again here is the inspiration painting, and my finished block….


So what do you think, Bee Block or Art Quilt?  

Maybe a little bit of both…


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