Good Medicine

Hi, readers!  It’s been awhile… I’ve had a very rough two weeks–I won’t go in to details right now, but I will say, I thank God for the support of my loving family and fabulous friends.  Today, I’m getting the best medicine of all–I’m heading to a retreat.  This retreat.

This weekend at Gruber’s will no doubt be the shot-in-the-arm I need, just as it was in June 2010!

Some of the same faces as last year, but a few new ones taking the place of dear friends who couldn’t make it this time around…

Rene of Rene’s Creates
Michelle (Rene’s sister!)
Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts
Mary of Mary on Lake Pulaski
Terri of Terri’s Notebook
Shelly P. of Prairie Moon Quilts
Mama Pea, Stephanie,
and Cindy, of Live a Colorful Life

I’m going to try to *spend* a little less this year, but with a shop like this…that’s easier said than done!

I’m taking along several in progress projects, and I’m sure I’ll get lots done in between all the laughing and talking…

After last year, I stated that I considered it a privilege and a blessing to call these ladies friends.  Can’t wait to see them all again tomorrow morning!

Wishing you a great weekend with great friends, too!


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