Retreat Recap

I find it impossible to put into words what three days at this retreat last weekend meant to me, and did for me.  But, I’ll try with photos, and just a few meaningful words.

Ten woman from eight different states… a mix of backgrounds, personalities, likes and dislikes…but with one common thread–we all love to quilt!  The perfect recipe for a perfect weekend.  Three of us are celebrating July birthdays, so Amanda brought the “cake”…  They were very tasty!

From California, Cindy…who came this year never having met any of us in person.  She fit in like the perfect peg!  She travels with Bonnie, her trusty green Singer Featherweight, and she had us all drooling over her Sherbet Pips Flowering Snowballs!

Mary just drives down the road to meet us in St. Cloud, and she might just be my favorite grandma!  She brought several beautiful show-and-tell projects, the Birdie Stitches WIP, her Schnibbles zig-zag runner, and the schnibbles shown below.  She spent her weekend making major progress on a beautiful Single Girl Quilt:

I, too, have a Featherweight that often heads to retreat with me, but she stayed home this time and my trusty Bernina made the trip instead.  I finished a baby quilt top (started in October t another retreat, and then “lost” for awhile–now it is found, assembled and ready to be quilted!), and spent the majority of the weekend cutting pieces for my Candied Hexagons Quilt.

Rene joined us again this year, by way of her summer vacation in Big Sky country… She worked on a second Peace Sign quilt with some gorgeous Amy Butler prints, and showed us a lovely solid work in progress, as well as her son’s graduation quilt.

Rene also brought along her sister this year, Michelle, a brand-new blogger, who joined us all the way from Georgia.  She is so sweet and so humble and probably quilts better than most of us after just one year.  But she has a great teacher in her big sister.

Shelly shared part of her long drive from Missouri this year with Toni and I, and we were so glad to have her in the truck!  She’s the sweetest cowgal you’ll ever meet… and one heck of a quilter.  She brought along a patriotic log cabin that was what she sewed on last year, and worked on two more WIPs this year… We are very happy that she thinks we are worth her nine hour (one way!) trip!

Stephanie joined us for the first time this year…  Michigan Mama Pea of “peas in a pod” blog fame– 😉 brought along her daughter’s bed quilt, a gorgeous purple, green and pink medallion star quilt.  As one of her roomies, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of her sleeping under it Sunday morning!  I failed to take a picture of the beautiful batik quilt top she finished, or her other WIPs, but she was a busy girl!

Last year, I invited Terri to join the fun, she and I have been blog buddies since we first started blogging three years ago.  I’m so glad she came again this year!  She’s a busy full-time art student these days, so sewing time is even more precious to her.  She basted a quilt or two, made some mini quilts, started a beautiful maverick star medallion that apparently I never snapped a photo of, and probably more I am forgetting to mention!

Busy mom, Toni (who gave up on her blog to focus on her family) kept us all in stitches as usual, and made some great progress on a sunshine quilt she is making for her SIL.  She also kept Shelly and I laughing on our road trip to and from Grubers!

Amanda worked tirelessly to finish a quilt top for a wedding gift…  made of sumptious autumn colored solids.  She also brought her hand applique quilt that she started here last year to show us the completed top (so pretty!)

Despite all of our talking and laughing, trips across the parking lot to shop at Grubers (just one more time!), and eating, we really did get a lot of work done.  The lights burned into the early morning hours… and no one really slept in.  Of course, the time to say good-bye came all too soon, and none of us wanted to waste a second more of our precious time together by sleeping!  A girl can always sleep after she gets back home, right?

Until next time, ladies!  Love you all!

18 thoughts on “Retreat Recap

  1. Your post reads so much like mine from earlier today; we must think alike! Sure was a great weekend. I am so thankful to be a part of such a great group of women who share the same passion for sewing. Can't wait for the next retreat!

  2. What a great time you had! Can you see how green I am? And how happy I am for all of you to enjoyed one another so much? And to think that nearly every one of you “knows” each other through the Internet! Isn't that just amazing, when you think about it? Before computers, how would you have ever gotten a group together like this?! Thanks for sharing pictures of everyone and almost all the projects. I'd like to comment and ask questions about everything I see.

  3. Thanks for giving a peek inside your weekend! I love the little block of pictures you did for each.

    It looks wonderful (and yummy – I love sprinkle cupcakes!)

  4. I had such a great time at the retreat…meeting new friends, making memories. I have never felt so welcomed. You have such a generous spirit!! Thanks for the recap 🙂

  5. Oh Doris, what a fun recap! (You need to tell me how to do the photo mosaics.) Thank you so much for organizing our retreat this year! What a blessing to be included in this wonderful group!

  6. What a wonderful recap of an amazing weekend. I can't describe how warm and welcomed I felt by women I had never met in real life but immediately felt like I had known for a long time. I love your little photo collages. I'm going to save them in my photo file. Thanks for putting this most fabulous weekend together!

  7. Great recap! Makes me miss it all the more . . . yet again. So much fun — so fast the time went! Thanks for letting me hitch with you and Toni from the halfway point! And thanks for being the organizer this year!

  8. Hi Doris….how fun to read about your lovely retreat. Cindy has become a good blog friend of mine, so it was interesting to see that you are buds with her now, as well. I'm hoping someday to meet the both of you…in person! Thanks for sharing.

  9. what a great recap, doris. i can't believe that you made mosaics for EACH of us. you are a blogging overachiever! i'm so thankful that you took charge and organized round 2 of this retreat. i sure hope there are many more. what great CHEAP therapy!!!

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