Blogtoberfest-Weekend I


1st    My favorite 7-year-old
2nd  My Brother-in-law
8th   My little sis
9th   My momma
12th  My God-daughter
13th  My sweetie & my God-daughter’s Momma
14th  My sister-in-law
16th  My friend, Dawn
23rd  Baby Boy (even if he isn’t a baby anymore…)
31st  My friend, Kelli


3 thoughts on “Blogtoberfest-Weekend I

  1. October is big in my family, too…
    *My wedding anniversary
    *My birthday
    *My mother's (in-law) birthday
    *My father's (in-law) birthday
    *My mother's and father's (in laws) wedding anniversary
    Plus autumn, apples, pumpkins and Halloween. The best month in the year!

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