Blogtoberfest Day V–AQS Show Des Moines

Last week was the 2011 American Quilter’s Society Des Moines Show. Oh, how I wish every quilter could have a show like this come to their City! We are blessed in Des Moines, to have strong Guilds, a huge community of quilters, and the admiration of the AQS (they signed a contract last year for another 3 years!!!!)

I can’t show you any of the quilts from the AQS Contest portion of the show, but I can show you some eye candy from the Des Moines Quilter’s Guild portion of the show, and maybe a detail shot ot two to spark your creative mojo!

I fell head-over heels for this vintage quilt:

It’s a Victory Quilt (I assume because of the V shape it repeats in the block?) and hung in a special exhibit of 20th Patriotic Quilts. I really should have taken more photos in that section. There were some pretty impressive quilts.

These international shows really blow me away when you start to notice some of the details: stunning machine quilting…

Different textiles, such as velvet, tulle, and silks…

Realistic artistry… 3-dimensional elements…. Many of them are just spectacular.

Many of the quilts in the local Guild Exhibit are just as impressive and well-done:

This little hand-appliqued quilt was made by a friend of mine, out of the lovely Sweetwater Sunkissed collection, with red compliments. It was lovely! She had an entry in the AQS Juried Contest as well.

This is a terrible photo of a great, contemporary looking quilt made from striped fabrics. It has a 3rd Place Guild Ribbon attached to it. And another with a definite modern flair, see all those little hexagons in the border? Also a 3rd Place Winner!

There were eleven rows of vendor booths to peruse as well as all the exhibits. I came home with a spool or two of Aurifil thread, five half-yard pieces of fabric, and some new templates. Not to mention sore and tired feet, but who cares?! I got to spend eight hours at a quilt show!

If you ever get a chance to make it to the show in Paducah, KY, Grand Rapids, MI, Lancaster, PA or Des Moines, IA–jump at it! AQS puts on a great show…

Still time to get in on my Aurifil Giveaway!


4 thoughts on “Blogtoberfest Day V–AQS Show Des Moines

  1. Thanks for sharing your show pictures. I didn't take photos unless it was close-up shots of quilting. I understand why you love the Victory Quilt. I do too! I have a foundation paper pieced pattern for it, from an old Australian quilt magazine. It's in my “someday” pile.

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