Blogtoberfest Day XI–Mitered Corners–Part I Reversible Tablecloth/Quilt Tutorial

This is PART I of a 2-part Tutorial

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I am making a tablecloth. however, this mitered corner tutorial can be applied to ANY quilt border, tablecloth, placemat, etc…

1. Fold your tablecloth (quilt) at a 45 degree angle, right sides together, making sure the edges of your borders line up…

2. Line your ruler up ON the fold, and draw a 45 degree line across the borders that essentially extends the fold line. IMPORTANT: This is NOT your cutting line, it is your stitching line.

3. Move your ruler over 1/4″ (size of your seam allowance) and draw another line parallel to the first one. This is your trim line, or cutting line.

4. Trim your borders down, leaving the seam allowance…

5. Start your sewing machine needle exactly at the point of intersection of your existing seam line and your pencil line. Sew your miter together, stitching ON the line your drew in step #2.
6. Carefully press your seam allowance open, then turn over to admire your good work…

7. If you plan to have an unfinished back side, you can hem it at this point and be done. In PART II of this Tutorial, I will show you how to make it a reversable tablecloth.

The fabrics I used are two M’Liss Rae Hawley “Halloween Magic” prints from 2010 (for Hancock Fabrics).  You may be able to find some on ebay, but she has similar 2011 prints currently available.

Mitered borders are one of those sewing techniques, liked curved piecing and inset seams (y-seams) that sewists and quilters shy away from because they think they are too difficult. But, mitered corners aren’t so difficult after all… Have you ever given them a try?

Are there sewing techniques you shy away from because you find them scary or challenging? If so, which ones?

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