Blogtoberfest Day XIII–More Aurifil Love (WINNERS!)

First of all, Happy Birthday to my sweetie!

Secondly, have you seen Lynne’s newest brainchild?  Seriously, I wish I had half the ideas that woman does!  (Note to me sweetie, and other loved ones who want to give me Christmas gifts:  FOLLOW THAT LINK, and revisit it periodically over the next 2.5 months, please. You can click the icon below, too.  Maybe bookmark the page?)

Christmas Gifts for Quilters

Okay, now that that side-note is taken care of… (fingers crossed—stocking stuffers for me…. oh, sorry!)

Third, I HAVE THE WINNERS of the Aurifil Giveaway!  Mr. RNG picked 5 lovely ladies to receive 5 spools of Aurifil Thread EACH.  Drumroll, please….

  1. samelia’s mum
  2. CraftyNewbie
  3. Donna
  4. Lorraine (raineoc)
  5. Carla at Lollyquiltz (I get to give this one IN PERSON, when I meet her “IRL” NEXT WEEK!)

Thanks to Mr. Aurifil for providing these gifts!  Congrats girls, an email is on it’s way!  OMG, I wish I had 200 gifts to give, y’all are so sweet (can you tell I lived in the South for a few years?)–but I would go broke on postage!

Several of you were as interested as I was in the Aurifloss, it comes on 18 yd., “wooden” spools, here is the info from the website:
  • Aurifloss is perfectly suited fir stutching on all types of fabric, is made with 100% long staple cotton
  • Brilliant 6-strand divisible thread
  • Washable and Fade-resistant
  • Used for embroidery, huck embroidery, miniature punch-needle embroidery, tatting, applique, needlepoint, crochet, etc.
  • Useful for embroidering in scrapbooks and on lampshades (would love to see that!)

For now, keep commenting throughout October for more giveaways (I’ll post a pic tomorrow of next week’s gifties!!!–there will be FABRIC involved… and ALL October comments count!)
Now, go see Lynne, and try your luck in her Aurifil giveaway!


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