Blogtoberfest Day XXI–Custom Costumes

I had this post written, once…  then Blogger ate my homework.  So maddening.  (Now that I re-wrote it, post number one better not magically reappear!)
I have a thing for clever, crafted, homemade Halloween costumes, like those I showed two weeks ago. Have you ever made Halloween costumes?  Are you this year?  Sweetie and I are doing hand-crafted, but much less involved than last year’s crafting and sewing.  However…
Do you know the work of Richard Scarry?  Do you know there is a whole new generation of kids enjoying his work?  That new generation includes my pre-school aged nephews.  They are familiar with the same Richard Scarry characters from the books of my childhood!
Do you know who Pig Will and Pig Won’t are?  (pssst…. I didn’t either!) Well, that is what nephew #1 decided he and his little brother are going to be for Halloween.  And guess who he asked to make them?  So…
Four pig ears (lined with pipe cleaners/chenille sticks so we can pose them correctly), two pairs of blue shorts, a red polo shirt and a green polo shirt later… Oh!  and two twisty tails (also with a pipe cleaner/chenille stick in the middle, to make them “springy”)……

……We almost have two complete pig costumes for an almost-three and almost-four-year-old, who couldn’t be more excited about his choice of costume.  I hope to put the finishing details on them tomorrow, so I can start on the costume for their lil’ sister:

Yeah, like she’ll know the difference, I know… But, I am not about to pass up making something adorable for this little bitty.  Look at that face.  I’m pretty she can have anything she ever wants as long as she asks Aunt Doris for it.  
This week’s Blogtoberfest Giveaway:  is the Scrappy Charm Witch Pincushion from yesterday’s post, and today I’m adding a treat to it, (not pictured, because let’s admit it, if I bought the treat NOW, I would have to repurchase it before sending the package out to the winner next week!  I’m not foolin’ anyone…  
So, today I want to know, do you have a favorite costume memory from your childhood?  Mine is a gypsy costume that my Mom made when I was 7 or 8, out of many layers of pastel colored organza, chiffon type materials, a la Esmeralda…  I’m pretty sure it was the flowy, girly, fabrics that did it for me.

How about you?


5 thoughts on “Blogtoberfest Day XXI–Custom Costumes

  1. My best friend and I were a pair of dice. Painted pips on a bix white box, then wore black bowler(sp?) hats at the one pip. Down side – hard to do much more than just stand there in them 🙂

  2. I do not really have any of my own childhood memories of Halloween costumes but there was a boy in my school whose Mom made the best handmade costumes. My favorite was when he was cookies and milk. He was dressed up like a glass of milk with a red and white stripped straw and had fabric cookies on a plate he held in his hand.

    I love Richard Scarry as a child and as a mom. Pig Will and Pig Won't are fantastic costumes. Your new niece is precious!

  3. In 5th or 6th grade I was Cindy Lauper with bright red hair. My mom dies mine, was supposed to come out with one wash, but my hair was red for over a week even after washing it every night!
    Your niece is so cute. I love the purple sleeper!

  4. I don't have a memory of any special Halloween costumes that I ever had, but have a great one that we did with our kids. My DH dressed up as Santa and took the kids out one year. He had other kids running toward him saying what they wanted for Christmas! He used to dress up every year when he took the kids out. He had as much fun as they did.

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