Blogtoberfest Day XXII–Awesome Links, or, "I wish I had thought of that"

I have so many posts starred in my Google Reader, ideas and inspirations…  many of them give me the reaction “that’s awesome!  I wish I had come up with that!”  So today’s post is sharing some linky love with you, Halloween themed, of course, and giving props to those bloggers that did come up with that!

Today’s first is the lovely Happy Haunting Pillow from the Crafty Cupboard:

Ms. Crafty Cupboard also posted LAST YEAR the most amazing spiderweb craft project I have ever seen, she even gives instructions for how she made it:
She made a pillow this year, and posted other crafters variations of her runner–check them out!
Kellie at 74 Lime Lane posts links every Friday to freebies around the web.  Loved these from last Friday, particularly this Hogwarts-esque owl invite from One Charming Party:
Jessica Jones shared a link to an origami site by the Peabody Essex Museum for making these disturbingly realistic bats:
And this is actually a recipe—do you know about  I want some of this pumpkin sherbet
And this Halloween Village is from last year, by The Crafty Sisters, but I’m still amazed by it… Maybe I could recreate one in fabric?
I like the idea of painting pumpkins, with glow-in-the-dark paint, or how about this one from LR Stitched:
The glow-in-the-dark idea came from
The winner of this year’s I Wish I Had Thought of That Award goes to Riel, for her truly amazing Selvage Mummy:
Isn’t that cool?!?  What a great use of fabric selvages.
So many ideas… but my project list for this year is pretty full… and I have not masterminded how to add more hours in a day…. however….there’s always Halloween 2012!
Have you seen any great holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) ideas and tutorials around I should know about?  Leave a comment to be entered in this week’s Blogtoberfest Giveaway:
  1. The Scrappy Charm Witch Pincushion
  2. A special Chocolate Treat
  3. and today’s addition:  3 Holiday FQs (Autumn, Halloween or Christmas–your choice!
As always, followers of my blog get an extra entry!  If you decide to tell your blog readers about my Blogtoberfest giveaways, let me know, and I’ll throw your name in the hat again!

Happy Halloween and an Awesome October!


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