Blogtoberfest Day XXIII–Welcome to the Ghastlies Blog Hop!!!!

Welcome to our First Annual Ghastlies Blog HOP (Starts TOMORROW!!!)

If you have this thing for Ghastlies
and they have tied you in a knot

and you wish you could get them out of your mind

than this may be a thought.

We heard her plea for a cure

Mdm Samm was pos/it/ively sure

that we could stitch the nights away

in hopes that we MAY—-

( all 54 of us!!)  

The side effects are Ghastlie

there is no mistaking too.

if you don’t run this very minute

YOU too will catch the FLU…

We suspected all along 

this was her master plan

she did not want to be alone,

 with all  YOU Ghastlie FANS…

at the end of every day, at Mdm Samm’s site, 

a grand winner there will be

Do not fright, for there are many a Ghastlie Delight…

Return here Tuesday next, to see what ghastlie goodies

will present!!

 ON Monday, October 24th 

 ON Tuesday October 25th 

    Mrs Doris Ghastlie–ME!
 ON Wednesday October 26th     
 ON Thursday October 27th 

           Mrs. Katherine Ghastlie              

 ON Friday October 28th 

 ON Monday October 31st

 ON Tuesday November 1st 

 ON Wednesday November 2nd

 ON Thursday November 3rd

 ON Friday November 4th

Each day there will be a giveaway… on the Ghastlies blog, as well as many of the hop blogs— just to sweeten the CAULDRON….

Some of the sponsors:
Alexander Henry (Ghastlies CREATOR!)
Colonial Needle
Jane’s Fabrics
Reliable Iron
Creative Grids
I Have A Notion
Forth Worth Fabric Studio
Blue Fig

So, get ready, tomorrow we start Hopping!

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