Blogtoberfest Day XXV–A Ghastlie Night, Indeed

October has been a busy month in the Threads household, daily blogging for Blogtoberfest

Tutorials, projects and giveaways Galore for my own Halloween Party…

Custom costume creations for some special little people…

And Today?  A stop on the Ghastlies Blog Hop… with Portrait Placemats of the entire brood.

Have you met the Ghastlie Family?  I had the opportunity to visit Ghastlie Manor a few weeks ago, and met the entire clan.  Uncle Rufus Ghastlie, (he fancies himself a vampire… really, he’s just an unfulfilled accountant who prefers wearing capes to suit coats), is such a dear.  he gave me a tour of the grounds and introduced to me to the entire clan.  There is a very handsome framed portrait of him on the mantle in the parlor…

There are some rather good group portraits of the family as well…  Though a troublesome bunch, this one, taken in the Dining Room of the manor, turned out quite well; except for Sebastian sprawling himself out on the table just before the camera flashed.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Mathilda, the matriarch of the family is that pale creature at the far left, and next to her is Cousin Cornelius (I wouldn’t cross him, if I were you…),  Mathilde’s sister Druscilla is next (everyone calls her Aunt Cill), at the head of the table is, Albert, with his son, Alphonse.  I’m not sure why Aunt Gertrude is standing there shaking her finger at the camera… although she “despises that filthy cat–who apparently has the run of the house” (and table, in this case).  Aunt Tilly, on the corner there, is such a gentle soul, but she photographs poorly… and Prudence…  And Dear Uncle Rufus, always so dapper and dashing….

Now, I tried my best to avoid Roderick, he is the doctor in the family, though not a Ghastlie by birth…

Roderick married Aunt Gertrude, (on the chaise) and they have one daughter, Prudence.  Dreadful child.  {shudder}…  Truly, they are quite an unpleasant little family.  Oh, and the spinster aunts, madly knitting away in the corner…. they didn’t want to bothered with introductions!

These portraits were framed, quite lavishly, in this Haunted Mansion moulding by Sanae (Moda), the spiders add such an elegant touch, don’t you think?


I hope you enjoyed meeting the family.  What’s that?  No, I’m not pictured here (I’m typically behind the camera…) and that’s just fine by me.  Until next time, my dears…

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And, come back tomorrow for a tutorial on how to make your own Portrait Placemats and a chance at this week’s Giveaway!

Have a Ghastlie Day!


209 thoughts on “Blogtoberfest Day XXV–A Ghastlie Night, Indeed

  1. You are truely Ghastlie, you know all the names. Thank you ,I didn't know they had names. I enjoyed the story, I'll be back tomorrow for the tut. Thank you! ;->

  2. Wow I love the picture frame mats and the introduction. As I was working with them myself I was trying to think of names and now that I have read your introduction I like yours much better….I will be back tomorrow. Thanks for all the fun

  3. I so ****LOVE**** your concept for this. it's is a perfect project for this fabric…. made me chuckle AND think— “how clever!”

    Love it!
    (please count me out of the drawing. I just wanted to chime in on how cool it was. 😀

  4. Hahaha, Prudence, that dreadful child- My dog's name is Prudence, and sometimes She is a dreadful child!!! No wonder I love the Ghastlies! Thanks for sharing those cool placemats. It's so fun to see the endless variety of projects.

  5. OMGosh I don't think I can wait for your fun fun portrait placemats. I know just who I would gift a set to after I make mine first of course. I can't quit laughing at the family dynamics.

  6. Quite an introduction! I can't wait to see your tutorial tomorrow. I have some of that elegant spider fabric…except your black is much more elegant than my orange :O)

  7. Quite an introduction! I can't wait to see your tutorial tomorrow. I have some of that elegant spider fabric…except your black is much more elegant than my orange :O)

  8. Oh my, what a perfectly ghastlie family you have. I do so appreciate being introduced. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and learning more about your portraits. Best regards to you and the whole ghastlie family.

  9. I would NOT have known the “frames” were made from fabric if you hadn't spilled the beans. Quit clever Mrs. Doris Ghastlie! So unique and another great addition to our Ghastlie Tour. You make a wonderful tour guide. Are you related to a fella named Alfred?? as in Hitchcock…Alfred Hitchcock??
    Bootiful Blessings'
    Mrs. Gmama Jane Ghastlie

  10. Wow. I wish I'd have been stopping here much sooner than today. I LOVE all your awesome ideas and tutorials. And those frames are just perfect for this family. I have a soft spot in my heart though for that dreadful child Prudence. I am sure she's just misunderstood. hehe

  11. Wow. You ladies are all uber talented. I've looked at the Halloween fabrics, and wondered what I would do with them. What ideas I have now! I'm still a wantobe (with a 4wk old grandson–busy sewing for him right now), but just wait till next year!

  12. these are so awesome, Doris! And your tutorial was great. I totally blew it on this blog hop. Just got inundated at work and couldn't manage it. I felt really bad. Let Madamme Samm down.

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