Bird Brained

Picked my mail up on the way off to retreat this weekend, and there was Carla’s One Block Over package (GREAT timing!) so the first thing I did once I got set up at retreat was make these two cute blocks… love the quilt idea, adore the birdie print!!!

The rest of retreat was spent creating bags…

Note the red sequins on the Ruby Slipper bags!
…and more bags…
I really like the way this MOMO fabric from Moda quilted up!

 …and a few more bags…

Love the Joel Dewberry fabric I used for lining on the birdie wristlet (sadly, it’s one of my last scraps of it!):

I’ve sewn three more of these wristlets since this weekend (more pics to come), to get ready to vend at a craft boutique this weekend.   Feeling bird-brained (pun intended) from doing the same thing over and over… I’m not much for mass-producing, or assembly-lining items, so, to me this seems like an unpleasant way to make a living, but I’m committed to two craft boutiques, so…

The best thing about all of these bags–and Carla’s blocks?  Almost everyone was made from fabric in my scrap bins!  I really didn’t cut into too much new fabric.

Have a favorite of my bags?

Ever done any vending yourself?  Or made many of something to sell?


11 thoughts on “Bird Brained

  1. I just love the bird blocks, Doris…thanks so much! In the '90's I had a sewing business called “A Merry Heart”. I made MANY appliqued jumpers, vests and sweatshirts with collars, etc. I can still remember the eye fatigue from so much sewing. The craft shows were fun though! Hope you sell out…love the bags!!

  2. For exactly the reason you said, I don't care to mass produce either. But I can sure appreciate all the beautiful stuff you sewed… all from previously bought fabric. Wonderful! I hope you make a profit, so you can buy more fabric, of course!

  3. I have a craft show at my kids school in two weeks, I've made stuffed owls and portfolios that I will sell, I'll also bring quilts and stuff but they usually don't sell. have a look. CUTE blocks btw

  4. I love the orange zipper bag, third from the top in the first 'bags' photo, and also the green and black snap bags. They are all so sweet. Like you, mass-producing is not my favorite thing. Did it once and not gonna do it again!

  5. I'm getting ready for a fair as well – not too excited about making lots of things. So it seems like I make 2 or 3 of any given item and move on. So there will be much variety!

  6. I think you make great bags. I love your fabric choices. Love that Joel Dewberry fabric. I think it would be fun to craft to sell for a bazaar. How did it go? Hope you did well!

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