Lil’ Dumplings

I posted this to Facebook after finishing it on Sunday–and I included a Sharpie marker in the pic I posted, to show the scale.  This bag is TINY–it measures about 3.5″ x 2″ at the base, and not quite 3″ high!

Since then, I have made seven more dumpling bags… just one in a slightly larger size (the one on the left with the purple flower/purple zipper is bigger than the rest):

Using lots of fun fabric from my stash and scrap boxes:

I’m hoping to sell these at our Church Bazaar this weekend… not sure about price, maybe around $8.00 each.

They are fairly easy to whip up, made from Keyka Lou’s free pattern and tutorial…


A lot lower fat than edible dumplings, and a whole lot cuter, too!

You can find Keyka Lou’s tutorial here.

They only other sewing I’ve done this week is one 12.5″ purple star block for an exchange:

I realized when pulling fabrics for this block, that the one color I buy very little of, is purple!  Do you have a color like that in your stash (or missing from your stash)?


11 thoughts on “Lil’ Dumplings

  1. these are really cute! I have that bicycle fabric and I don't like it … I need to bring a bag of “ugly” fabric to the next meeting. I'm guessing a lot of people might like the stuff I don't like. 🙂

  2. Love your purple star block. Do you have a tut for making this block? I'm just getting into quilting so haven't got a huge stash but I do lean towards the pastels.

  3. Your Dumplin' bags are as cute as can be. You make me want to sew up a whole bunch of them! I like your purple star block too. It's perfect. Red would be the color that's low in my stash. (Thank goodness for the UNI Panthers – purple and gold!)

  4. Hi, Doris. Your mini-pouches are adorable. And that's one lovely block. You're right about purple, I've got very little of it and yellow and orange too. But then all my fabric is from used clothing. How often do people wear yellow or orange? Happy holiday quilting!
    best, nadia

  5. Such cute little pouches!!!! Thanks for the link to the tutorial.

    I have a noticeable absence of purple in my stash as well! I had a FQ but gave it to my sis. 🙂 the other color that is lean in my stash is dark brown. But the rest are pretty well covered! Blue and green rule the roost.

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