A Quilting "Hole in One"

I told you in February that I would have a Christmas quilt to snuggle under this Christmas.  Finished up, with little time to spare, my Peppermint Twist quilt:

 Quilted with an all over meander stitch….

It has a fun pieced “snowflake” back:

Fussy cut cornerstones…

A favorite Christmas ornament print as a top and bottom border, and green dot binding to finish it up. 

So what is the Quilter’s “Hole in One”?  Well, for the first (and possibly last) time, I made binding, sewed it on, and when I got around to the last side of the quilt I thought I was going to be just a hair short on binding.  Instead, I continued to sew, and when I stopped to join the two ends of binding, I could scarcely believe my eyes.  I had the exact length of binding I needed for this quilt, I didn’t trim so much as an 1/8th of an inch!  That has never happened before.  And somehow, I don’t see it even happening again….


8 thoughts on “A Quilting "Hole in One"

  1. hole in one is right! my goodness, that has never happened to me… I'm done binding and then been short a few inches and out of that fabric!! which totally stinks!!
    Now I safe guard myself, if I think it's a squeaker I won't do it and pick another fabric

  2. Congratulations on eeking out the binding. Don't you LOVE when that happens?
    I really like your top and bottom borders. They look really good. I like the way it isn't all the way around.

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