Monday Guest

Hi Readers, today I am guest blogging over at Shruti’s blog, 13 Woodhouse Road, as part of her ABCs of Quilting series…

If you are here for the first time, by way of Shruti’s introduction, please have a look around.  I create one-of-a-kind applique such as these adorable onesies, available in my shop (all with FREE U.S. SHIPPING!)

Unique Modern baby quilts…like Blast Off and Noah’s Guitar… (my two faves!)

I started sewing at age ten or eleven, so I’ve tried a little bit of everything… and in addition to my Candied Hexagon Quilt project, I have other ONGOING, long-term projects, including my Nearly Insane Quilt, and some Bee quilt blocks that need completing into quilts…. Where to find the extra time, huh?!  This is one of my MANY TINY PIECES 6″ Nearly Insane blocks:

Here is a round-up of other tutorials I’ve shared:

My Portrait Placemats

Foundation Pieced Cyclone Block

Mitered Corners (for a quilt or tablecloth, etc)

Reversible Tablecloth (or Quilting Without Binding)

Ten Minute Table Runner

Felt Favor Bags

I hope you’ll visit again…  I am working on a scrap-busting tutorial that I think you will really like!  Stay tuned…

happy sewing,


3 thoughts on “Monday Guest

  1. Doris, I love your tutorial. I have always wanted to be a hand piecer. Are you hand piecing that quilt you were working on at retreat? I would like to give this a try as soon as I have some down time, because I love hand work. I have tried it before, but I was using Jinny Beyer's Conso thread. I could not get good accuracy. I'm thinking if I used my 50wt. Aurifil I would have better luck. Thanks for this!

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