Supply vs. Demand

I remember trying to explain to my husband (then boyfriend) in 2010 why I had purchased the end of three bolts of fabric I happened to stumble across, just to turn around and sell it.  I told him, if I wanted to, I could probably get $40/yard for it.  I was paying $6/yard, it was found on the sale shelves at the back of the store.  It was Flea Market Fancy (FMF), the original.  He was astounded–“you mean, there is collectible fabric?!?”  Well, yeah, kind of.

I never bought any of the original FMF, when it was new and full price.  I never laid eyes on it until it was essentially sold out and “in demand” as an out-of-print, hard-to-find fabric.  I did have an original FQ bundle of Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries, but it got used up on a project(s) I wasn’t quite thrilled with and basically went to waste.  (Forgive me…)  I’ve seen fabric from both of these lines go for over $50/yard.  I did sell my bargain FMF fabric at a profit, but not that kind of profit. 

Do you plan to buy some of the Flea Market Fancy Legacy collection?  I haven’t decided.  The new colors seem very different from the originals, which was the primary quality of the original fabric that drew me, personally, in.  The original (photo courtesy of

The new (photo courtesy of Red Pepper Quilts):

The soft aqua blue seems to have more green in it, the grey is certainly a nice additon, but the greens are not the bright, unique greens of the original.  I understand, it’s a re-release, and it’s an updated version.  I get that.  Just not sure I’m as crazy about this one as I was the original.
Do you think the re-releasing of some of these lines of fabric (FMF Legacy Collection, the Mono-Pez prints by Moda, etc.) is going to pop-the-bubble, so to speak, in the high cost of OOT/HTF fabrics that we’ve witnessed over the last two or three years?  Or, because of the internet, blogs, flickr, etc., there will always be certain fabrics in high demand and short supply? 

p.s. for those of you annoyed by Blogger’s word verification for comments (I know, I find it ridiculous as well) I tried going 48 hours without word verification, the spam comments and moderating comments drove me mad–so word verification is back.  I’d love for you to leave comments anyway–painful as it may be.


9 thoughts on “Supply vs. Demand

  1. There will always be OOP/HTF fabrics because only a small niche will catch on, which won't be enough to demand a reprint. I think FMF is one of those rare exceptions – and only because Free Spirit is willing to do reprints! I hate that Moda doesn't do them, unless they deem the fabric a “basic.”

    And yes, I preordered a FQ bundle months ago, since I wasn't even sewing when FMF first came out! I didn't miss out entirely, due to some strategic swapping, but only had the pinks.

  2. I totally missed out on FMF the first time around. I didn't even know about it until recently. But I do love it. I kind of like the new stuff, too, and am trying to decide if I will get any. I don't know how this re-releasing will go. It will be interesting to see. I think part of the “hype” is when people can't get it. Maybe when they can, that will die down. 🙂

  3. Oh… this is why I love reading your blog posts. You always come up with something new to me. I completely missed the first FMF uproar, and though I've seen posts about the second FMF, I had no clue there was a difference between the two. But your photos make that apparent. I don't have plans to buy the old or new versions, but it's fun to watch others lose their minds over them!

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  5. I've already pre-ordered a lot of the new FMF fabrics. I can't wait to get them! I don't care if they're not exactly the same as the original line because I missed out on that whole line the first time around. But it would be nice to get some of the original fabric. I wish I had known you had some of it back in 2010. I would have bought some from you.

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