A new home, a new name (sniffle, sniffle)

Thanks for finding your way over to the new home of what’s been known as Threads of Conversation since March 2008. Four years, hundreds of posts and thousands of comments later, here we are. When I checked not long ago, my old blog name was still available as a .com domain, but I decided not to purchase it at the time… Well, now, sadly, it belongs to someone else, another WordPress blog, another quilter…

So, I decided to use the name I use for my Etsy shop and sewing business as my blog name… my surname is Brunnette (pronounced like the hair color but spelled with an extra ā€œnā€ ā€“- incidentally, I happen to be a brunette, as well) šŸ˜‰

I transferred my old posts and comments over to the new real estate, but sadly my followers didn’t transfer. sniff. Click on the follow button up there at the top of your screen, I’d love to see how fast I can get back up over 200 followers, and I promise a giveaway (the sooner it happens, the better the giveaway!) Pretty please….

here is the link to subscribe to my RSS feed: https://madebyabrunnette.wordpress.com/feed/


3 thoughts on “A new home, a new name (sniffle, sniffle)

  1. I will miss the old Threads of Conversation site, but I am really liking the clean look of this new site. Can’t wait to continue following you!

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