Easy DIY Design Wall

In all my years of quilting, I’ve only ever used a design wall when sewing at a retreat or a friend’s home.  I’ve often referred to my floor as my “high-falootin’ design wall” here on the blog.  I decided it was about time I had something I could hang blocks and WIPs from to stand back and get a good look at…

To make your own, all you need is:

  • 1-4 pieces of 32″ x 40″ foam core (foamboard) depending on how much wall space you have.
  • 1 yard of white or pale grey cotton flannel (PRE-WASH) per foamboard
  • Duct tape
  • Sticky back velcro (approximately a half yard per board)
  • Kitty to help with the project (optional)

ImageStart by laying a yard of white cotton down on a flat surface, make sure all fuzzies and threads are removed.  Lay the foam core board face down (if one side is smoother or nicer than the other, use that as the face).  Start at two opposite sides, pulling taut and taping edges of flannel around the back side with duct tape, approximately 3″-4″ at a time.  Conitnue to tape these two opposing sides until you get about 2″ from each edge.  At that point, move to the other two opposing sides, and repeat the process. ImageThe corners are finished off by tucking the excess fabric in at a diagonal, just like you do when wrapping a present.  Secure corners well with duct tape.  Cut 9 pieces of sticky-back velcro approximately 2″-3″ long.  Place one at each corner, one at each side center, and one in the middle (use the white rectangles in photo as a placment guide)  When placed, remove the plastic that covers the sticky part, line it up where you want it on your wall or door, and press firmly in place.  (Don’t worry, the adhesive can easily be removed later when you take the boards down with Goo Gone).  Here is my first board finished, attached to a clost door in my studio:

ImageI decided pretty quickly that I was going to need more than one, that wall space to the left of the door is just the right size for a second board… so… before long I had a second board hung and was making good use of it:ImageIt filled fairly quickly with the scrap sewing I was doing last week, these strips are going together with a couple of different projects in mind:ImageI’m so happy to have a space I can just walk away from, leave what I’m working on there, and not have to worry about them being in anyone’s way, cats sleeping on them, etc…

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8 thoughts on “Easy DIY Design Wall

  1. You must have a good reason for leaving Blogger. I’ll be interested to hear why you think WordPress is better. Thanks for the how-to-make-a design wall information. I’ll definitely be looking for a smaller one for my changing, reduced-size sewing area.

  2. Hi, I’m just so excited to be able to comment! Honestly, since the Google change I have lost the ability to comment on many blogs. 😦
    Love how you put together your design wall. I keep thinking about making one and haven’t. Your tut sounds pretty simple. Thanks.

  3. Hi Doris, I found you and am following through RSS feed. 🙂 You’ll have to talk to me about why you decided to make the change. Just curious. Love your new design wall. I have one of those high falootin’ design floors, too. Right now, there is no wall space in my so-called “studio.” I’ll get some one day…when we add onto the house. We’ll see. Also love your blocks your working on!

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