Quilts and Inspiration

This is a special post for National Quilting Day 2012 (March 17)

I’m one of those artists that sees inspiration every where I look… are you like that with your quilting inspiration? I’ve blogged about this before, here, and here, how I find inspiration in architecture, nature, color… But these days, I’m seeing more of an “in your face” type of inspiration. Quilting is hot right now, not only is it sort of “cool” to be a quilter (thanks to the internet and modern quilting movement!), you see quilt inspired items in home dec, stationary, sculpture, office furniture and accessories, buildings — dare we call this the decade of the modern quilt? Whether something is constructed or designed with its inspiration coming from quilts, or the design inspires our quilts… doesn’t seem to matter. Pattern and design is everywhere:

Malka photographed this wall outside the Convention Center at Fall Quilt Market (apparently constructed to hide something functional like lighting/wiring):
You can see a modern quilt in buildings themselves…
New interior finishes such as wallpaper and flooring are showing evidence of modern quilting and the new trends for geometrics (wouldn’t you love to have one of these floors in your home?!):
Even in fashion, whether or not we might actually wear it… Rodarte’s 2010 Fashion Week collection was inspired by the aesthetic of the 1930s American plains:

This child’s dress from Baby Gap (summer 2010):

We even saw evidence of the connection with fashion and modern quilting in recent designer collections for Target. I know chevrons aren’t unique to quilting, but when I saw the Missoni for Target collection last fall, all I could see were patchwork designs!

And a personal fave from the fashion category: this patchwork inspired dress which was available in 2010 through the free trade site JohnLewis.com:

Maybe it’s always been there, inspiration for quilt patterns in the geometry of our surroundings, that is… but I can’t help but see a connection between the use of bold geometric graphics and pattern in design in general and the explosion of modern quilting and the geometric trends we are seeing in our craft.

So how abut you, found any sewing or quilting inspiration in unique places lately?


8 thoughts on “Quilts and Inspiration

  1. Hi Doris: Love your new look. I want to make the switch to wordpress (I think), and I have the calicodaisy name on wordpress, I just don’t know how to go about everything. The design work is what makes my head spin. — Michele

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  3. I see sewing/quilting inspiration everywhere, too. But these examples are much better than what I’ve found! I have some photos of wrought iron work that I thought would make good quilts. Someday I’ll get around to posting them! LOL.

  4. Stopping by to say hi and see your new blog. I love finding creative inspiration everywhere, not just for sewing and quilting. I love to notice shapes and color combinations too. Drawing classes have really taught me how to see things with more detail and appreciate. I really love that building! Wouldn’t that be cool to work in there, or walk past that everyday.

  5. Doris, hope you enjoyed National Quilting Day! I was traveling over the weekend and actually saw a Sewing Exhibit in the airport….very unexpected. Thanks for sharing your inspiring photos. I love your new blog name, by the way!

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