Good Fortune

I had the good fortune of a weekend free— free to shop, cut, and start my next quilt top! How about you, did you have time to play this weekend?


14 thoughts on “Good Fortune

  1. This is going to be pretty! I’m actually taking the evening off to work on some stuff for Art Mart on April 21 (on ISU campus) tonight. I spent ALL day outside yesterday … biking, running, walking and just enjoying it. So I’m going to be inside tonight.

    • The only reasons my piles were that orderly was because I have to stop and count about every ten minutes to make sure I didn’t miss cutting any color in any pieces! Ridiculous, but my mind has to be too many places these days… I haven’t started my pillow, but I know exactly what I will do for it.

  2. Gosh, such pretty colors! You have THE BEST color sense. I don’t have a clue what you’ll be making, but I already know it will be gorgeous. Good for you to be making such great use of free time. I should follow your lead.

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